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Your trusted granite tombstone supplier and installer

Established and based in Rosslyn, Pretoria since 2011, Royal Granite is independent Granite tombstone manufacturer. The company is managed under full supervision by the owner and extremely efficient personnel, who together offer our clients a superior service experience. Royal Granite started off in the retail space in Gauteng, and quickly earned a solid reputation with leading markets by offering quick delivery and installation of best quality tombstones and slabs.

With years of experience, we have grown into a formidable competitor, both regionally and nationally in the transport of small cargo, full and part loads, palletised loads and specialised transport requirements.  No load is too big or too small for us to handle.

We believe that the formula to exceeding our clients’ expectations lies in the combination of a  personalized level of service, commitment, and efficient turnaround times. We constantly strive to mitigate any problems which may happen, giving our clients peace of mind, whilst also maintaining the safety of our personnel at all times.

CALL US TODAY: Tell: 012 527 0001 OR 072 392 6642


Mission Statement

“To deliver best quality granite and service levels of the highest standards and to the utmost satisfaction of our customers and business partners, whilst at the same time offering exceptional value for money through smart business practices and ensuring business risks are mitigated.”

Some of our services

Different granite choice
Cutting the granite to specifications
Friendly sales stuff
Seamless delivery

Enjoy the best granite sales and cutting services nation wide!


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